B2B ecommerce platform for wholesalers

The wholesale eCommerce platform to eliminate sales friction.

Self service for customers and sales agents.
Real time product availability and data.
Place and track orders. Pay invoices.
The best B2B ecommerce platform for wholesalers.

Best ecommerce platform for wholesale

Are you wasting 96 days or $15,360 per year per staff member dealing with customer calls and emails?

If one person costs you $20 per hour, and they spend 3.2 hours (40%) of their working day doing

They are wasting 96* days or $15,360 per

If your customers served themselves you
could save all or most of this.

*Avg. # of working days/year = 240

24/7 Customer Service and Ordering on mobile devices

Place and track orders from phones, tablets, and desktops. Customers and Independent Sales Agents can search your product catalog, check SKU availability, and review or download product detail. Preset price lists on every control what each customer can see and buy.

Reduce accounts receivable workload

Present customer balances and sales invoices in real time. Customers can pay via card or ACH. Support for Paya.com (formerly Paragon) payment processing. Cybersource, Authorize.net and Paypal available soon.

Rich product detail

Present as much product data as your customers or independent sales agents need. Because we know your products and their personalities are the heroes, we’re constantly refining product presentation and search capabilities.

Customer User Experience

Sales agent User Experience

Turn on customers - Wholesale b2b ecommerce

Customize and personalize

The look and feel and the functionality of the B2B eCommerce platform are all customizable. Design and deliver the best possible customer experience. Leverage all of the data stored in Salesorder to deliver a superior service to each and every customer.

Deploy multiple platforms

There are no extra costs and no limits to the number and types of B2B eCommerce platforms you can create. Deploy multiple brands and different customer and sales agent experiences in days.


One truth in real
time for every SKU

One truth in real time for every SKU

Product pages and listings can be enriched to provide as much up-to-date information as you know your customers need to make their buying decision without interacting with your team.

No integration = better performance

There is no integration, B2B eCommerce platforms are part of the Salesorder architecture. This has significant advantages over ALL competing 3rd party solutions in terms of cost, ease and speed of adaptability, and seamless access to data that is one source of the truth.

Add chat bots

Because your B2B eCommerce platform(s) reside on independent and unique web addresses, you can easily add 3rds party chatbots to answer questions, set up appointments, and conduct live dialogues with your customers.

User roles

Customers can add users, and configure roles. Roles determine what users can access and do. For example, place orders or make payments.

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