Partner with us to transform wholesalers into remarkable digital businesses

Share recurring revenue. Become a Salesorder partner. Get paid up to 30% of our recurring annual subscription revenue for introducing or converting wholesalers to our order management software.

Become a Referral partner

Bring us a hot lead: If you identify and introduce us to a wholesaler who buys our order management software and subscribes for a year, we will pay you a one-off fee of $1,431.

If you just want to create and bring us leads: We’ll help you identify the target audience, design the marketing content, and set up your personal sales funnel.

Become an Implementation partner

Convert a new or your existing customer to our order management software for wholesalers:
If you replace a new or your customer’s existing system(s) by managing the implementation of our order management system, we will pay you a one-off fee of up to 25% of the customer’s annual subscription.

If you want to just sell and implement: We’ll provide you with thorough and regular technical training. We’ll also provide you with contact details for a dedicated expert who will be there to assist you in sales and implementation activities.

Become an Implementation and Support partner.

If you implement and provide ongoing support to a mutually agreed standard to this customer, we will pay you a recurring annual fee of up to 30% of the customer’s annual subscription.

No joining fees

There are no costs for you to begin your journey with us. We’ll do all we can to help you get started and up to speed on our order management system.

Demand creation for Implementation and Support partners

We’ll create for you a personalized web presence on our websites, and feature you in our outbound marketing.

We’ll create for you a personalized web presence on our websites, and feature you in our outbound marketing.

This will include:

  • a bio.
  • your specializations.
  • your service offerings.
  • a showcase of your achievements.

If you want help to create awareness and demand in your local area: If we’re satisfied you can cope with the demand. We’ll work with you to create fruitful and sustained marketing campaigns.

These will include:

  • market research and analysis.
  • direct email campaigns.
  • specifically focused webinars.

If you deliver outstanding results

Positive and measurable results deserve a share of our business success. Help us dominate a niche, quickly unseat ERP vendors or bring us volume deals and we’ll reward you for your contribution with stock options.

We’ll work with you, back your plans, and help you win. Working with an agreed plan and metrics we’ll set out your rewards in black and white, and payout when you deliver.

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