Trusted problem solvers, mission critical software engineering

We always act with integrity. We have a duty of care to provide you with a reliable service and continuously help you extract the maximum value from our services.

About us

Pragmatic, reliable,
bright and able

Our Sales and Solutions teams are located in WeWork locations across the USA.

The engineering talent behind our order management software for wholesalers is located in the UK, India and Eastern Europe. Our HR and team leaders habitually identify and assess high energy, able and bright minds, who are gifted problem solvers. Our engineering leaders and architects are recruited, and recruit from enthusiastic and highly qualified talent pools.

Trusted 24/7 by hundreds
of wholesalers

Our order management software is used by hundreds of wholesalers in the USA and Europe. We monitor each of the millions of orders flowing through our order management software every year.

Our software and support engineers always act swiftly to arrest any hint of software or performance impediments.

Track record and reputation

Long term stability and reliability

Because of recurring and long term contracted subscriptions we are steadfast.

Our teams make time to carefully think about every detail needed to make the future secure and predictable. Long term thinking permeates every part of our operations and culture.

We are continually investing our profits into the continuous improvement and sustainability of our software for wholesalers.

Track record and reputation

We are a software engineering business, everything we do is about using software and best practice tools and methods to solve business problems.

Nobody knows our order management software’s capabilities, and how they can be exploited better than us and our partners. We work hard to ensure salespeople and consultants reach the required level of competency.

ERP implementations continually fail to meet expectations because systems are oversold.

They are both expensive and stressful. Salespeople and consultants chase the dollars as opposed to focusing on customer success. They charge and run to the next deal.

Mission Critical

Mission Critical is not in other solution vendor’s thinking or vocabulary, nor does it reflect in their approach or care in delivering their service

We’ve years of experience delivering mission-critical order management software to hundreds of wholesalers. Often they’re up to three week’s development effort to analyze, design and test. For complex and extensive we apply the collective intellectual might of our analysts, architects, project managers, and support folk.

Whatever the challenge, we always deliver the right solution, and we can prove it. Our references speak for themselves

Get the best out of and
for everyone

We’re going together on a journey that will last for many years. So we’ll need to get along. Cultural fit is just as key as a technical fit. Our empathy for what it takes to manage and grow a business is the bedrock of our approach.

We know it’s just as much about getting the best out of, and for your team, as it is about getting the best from our order management software. From the outset, we’ll work with you to identify and get to know your key users.

The optimum way to getting the best from our platform is to engage and introduce key users to our order management software as early as possible. Their insights from getting to know and using the system will help them ask informed questions. The answers to many of these questions will help us determine the optimal solution.

Experts solve
not salespeople

When you work with us we will work hard to:


Our Sales and Solutions teams are located in WeWork locations across the USA.
We have engineering and R&D centers in:
  • Oxford and London UK – new
  • Noida, India,
  • Mumbai, India,
  • Rzeszow, Poland and
  • Skopje, Macedonia.
The safety of our teams and customers is an obvious priority. We encourage all of our team to work where they feel most comfortable and can get the job done. We’ve always been an online tribe, so working together remotely is second nature and comfortable for all of us.We have always on online face to face conferencing throughout our operations.
The core team has been working together since 1998. We began platform development in 2006.

We host at Rackspace and Amazon AWS worldwide in locations closest to our Customers. For more information about their data centers see Amazon AWS and Rackspace websites.

For large projects, if it is more practical or it makes sense to do so, we are happy to come to visit and work alongside your teams.
Throughout North America and Europe, we have hundreds of customers. They’re a multitude of different shapes and sizes with different business models in different niches.

We’ll try our best to introduce and connect you folks in similar businesses to yours, just ask.
You know as well as we do software specific review sites are in business to make money from vendors. They charge vendors for leads, and to have a presence on their ‘review’ sites. We disagree with this strategy.

We know for a fact that most of the mainstream review sites offer vendors financial incentives i.e. Amazon vouchers they can pass onto their customers to write positive reviews about them. We think this practice is unethical and results in misleading reviews.

The more reviews a vendor has the higher they rank in the listings on their sites. This practice obfuscates transparency and is a race to the bottom.

We will never participate in this race, and we discourage our customers to offer these sites their opinions. It’s a waste of your time and ours.

If you would like to read some in-depth and usefully written reviews then please ask us. We have a portfolio coherently written case studies, we’re happy to share with you wherever appropriate.
We are privately owned. We are domiciled in the UK and the USA. Most of the shareholders work full time in our business.

Forward thinking wholesalers trust our software