Inventory forecasting: Protect working capital, fulfill every order, and keep customers buying.

Useful for price negotiations with suppliers, cash flow planning, inventory planning, planning discounts, and financial planning.

how to forecast inventory

What is inventory forecasting?

Inventory forecasting ensures you have the optimal minimum inventory at the right time, always to meet customer demand. It protects working capital, eliminates excess stock, increases customer satisfaction/retention, and optimizes the use of your warehouse space.

Sell more, make more revenue.

Our inventory forecasting tells you what products:
  • Make the most profit (Winners).
  • Are essential to your business but don’t necessarily make a lot of money (Chasers)
  • Dead inventory (Losers).

3 steps to optimize inventory

Learn ➢ Forecast ➢ Replenish

Our inventory forecasting solution for wholesalers learns your products and their history and AI generates a sales forecast. The forecast distinctly highlights the winners, chasers, and losers.

For each of these: winner, chaser, and loser categories the solution presents the profit, revenue, and value for forecasted sales of the inventory.

The solution then presents proposals for replenishment of your inventory. You provide the solution with Supplier specific parameters such as lead time and purchase order period.

Inventory forecasting
inventory forecasting for wholesalers
You can also tune your replenishment strategy based on your revenue, profit, sales quantity, and sales frequency preferences.

Our inventory forecasting solution runs at the end of every day so you are always working with the latest projections.

By iterating these projections you will see your inventory sales increase by 5% and your inventory decreased by 40%.

When you’ve decided to go with the replenishment proposals you can automatically generate the Purchase Orders.

User-friendly stories for you and your customers

Sales forecasts are useful to you, your suppliers, and even your customers. You will know what inventory you need when you need it.
We believe that the data science of inventory forecasting should be understandable to every interested user including your customers.

Just like is easy to use. Our solution is designed so our users don’t need a degree in applied supply chain management to understand our work.
The calculations we carry out are complex, but the messages and recommendations behind the numbers should remain simple: buy, sell, stop buying, stop selling.

Software that learns and then solves inventory-level problems

We use principles of AI and mainly deep learning, 4-layer models that learn datasets and come up with surprising forecasting results. The issue with these methods is that they become effective with only vast amounts of data, and not every product in the customer’s portfolio can produce such quantities.

So for us, it’s not about machine learning (ML) being the future. It probably is, but remember, we are data-driven. We measure everything constantly if ML outperforms standard math, fine! If it doesn’t – all the same. It’s the results that matter, the right inventory at the right time to drive your revenue and profit continually.

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