Where are the Fortnite Party Supplies Stores?

We get this type of comment from quite a few readers: “I’m looking for Fortnite party supplies near me. Can you tell me where to find them?” Then they’ll leave their city and sometimes mention what stores or landmarks are close to them. Well, there are none near you and none near me because there are no Fortnite party supplies stores.

We know that you mean that you’re looking for stores that sell Fortnite party supplies. And the answer is the same: there are none. At least not technically. In this post we’ll discuss where to buy Fortnite party supplies in store and online (and why online has much more variety)… even though they don’t technically exist.

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Here we go!

Why Can’t I Find Any Fortnite Party Supplies Near Me?

You probably did see them but didn’t recognize them. And that’s because there are no officially licensed Fortnite party supplies. That’s why if you’re looking to find the word “Fortnite” on some party supplies you won’t find any.

If you’re using that word to guide you in finding Fortnite themed party supplies then you really should read the first article in our series so you know what to look for. And you’ll end up learning a little bit about Fortnite while you’re at it!

As that article explains, all Fortnite birthday supplies are unofficially licensed products. That’s okay because the most popular thing about Fortnite is its dances. This means that the supplies don’t need the word “Fortnite” or the video game characters on them for them to be considered Fortnite birthday supplies.

Instead, you’ll likely see these images on those unofficially licensed Fortnite party supplies:

The Floss

You'll see this Floss image on many Fortnite birthday supplies.
A Fortnite character doing the Floss

The Hype

You'll see this Hype image on many Fortnite birthday party supplies.
A Fortnite character doing the Hype dance

The Dab

You'll see this Dab image on many Fortnite party supplies.
A Fortnite character doing the Dab

The L

You'll see this L image on many Fortnite birthday supplies.
A Fortnite character doing the L dance

The Fortnite Llama

The Fortnite Llama is found on many Fortnite birthday party supplies.
The Fortnite Llama

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for Fortnite party supplies like these in store, you won’t find them. They are only available online at Amazon.

Fortnite Party Supplies In Stores

If you look for Fortnite themed birthday supplies at Walmart, Target, or Party City, the most you’ll be able to find are supplies with the word “Battle Royal” (more on that term below) on them or a picture of a llama. It really isn’t much.

Try it out. Go to Walmart.com and search for “Fortnite party supplies”. If you do, here’s what you get:


The ninth item shown is a generic party set with plain blue plates, black, napkins, and purple cups! The selection doesn’t get any better with items ten to fifty.

If you do a similar search on Target.com, you’ll see this:


Here, they present you with three options:

  1. “Party Decorations” (with a Nintendo themed set showing),
  2. “Disposable Plates” (with a plain purple(?) plate showing), and
  3. “Party Kits” with a snowman party set showing

Followed by several Fortnite action figures.

That’s what you’ll find if you search for “Fortnite party supplies”. In other words… nothing.

As for those party supplies with the word “Battle Royal” on them, we think there are better options for a Fortnite party theme. The actual Fortnite term is “Battle Royale”, with an “e”. Having the word close but not quite gives it a cheap knock off feel to it or makes it seem like there’s a glaring typo. Some Amazon reviewers of those party sets make that very comment.

Also, we think that using that term is treading on a gray area which we don’t like (see what we think of copyright infringement here). Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, has for now apparently chosen not to seek trademarks on the term “Battle Royale”, but it may just be a matter of time.

And then those products could disappear. As we stated in this article, Amazon has already removed some party supplies for doing similar things (it’s against Amazon’s terms of service). Those are the kinds of things we steer clear of.

Fortnite Party Supplies Online

The place where you’ll find the most variety of Fortnite birthday supplies is online at (surprise, surprise) Amazon. Amazon has all this variety because there are many third party sellers who are more than willing to fill in this void in the market. See the second article in our series for a couple of examples of what you can get.

And these types of graphic designs fit in much better with Fortnite birthday themes than having supplies with a “close but not quite / is that a typo?” type of graphic design.

Convenience is King

Having Amazon as the only real option for buying Fortnite party theme items isn’t actually a bad thing. The biggest benefit is that you can shop for every item imaginable in one place on Amazon.

So if you read our post on The 3 Best Fortnite Party Game Ideas, you know you’ll need some Fortnite and non-Fortnite related supplies. For example, for the Fortnite Nerf Battle Obstacle Course, you’ll need:

  • A Fortnite Nerf Gun (two if you want kids to race each other and more if you want to have an all out Nerf Battle)
  • Fortnite Nerf darts
  • Plastic cups for targets
  • Cones or pylons for kids to run around during the obstacle course

So there’s no need to go to three different stores to get all those things. Imagine, buying all those items and the Fortnite birthday supplies as well in one go, all while sitting on your couch!

Now You Are Wiser

So now you know where to buy Fortnite party supplies. No, you weren’t going crazy, They were there all along. You just had to know where and how to look for them.

Happy planning!

The Parents

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