The 3 Best Fortnite Party Game Ideas

Okay, we’re continuing our series on Fortnite birthday themes. We’ve already touched on supplies in our previous articles. In this post, we’ll discuss the three Fortnite party game ideas that you must incorporate into your party. These games are a must, you could argue even the bare minimum, for a Fortnite party. We’re certain the kids will not only participate willingly in these games (you won’t have to twist their arms to join in), they will laugh too. And the best sound you’ll ever hear your child make is laughter. That and snoring.

First of all, as we mentioned earlier, we’ve touched a bit on Fortnite birthday supplies already. If you need help in that area, you can check the previous posts below:

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Let’s get to it! Here are the three best Fortnite party game ideas for any Fortnite themed birthday party.

Party Game #1: Fortnite Dancing Game

Skeptical? A little disappointed in the first idea? Let us convince you otherwise.

If you’ve read the first article in our Fortnite series, you know that the biggest part of Fortnite that has permeated our pop culture is the dances. We’ll save you some time from going back to read the previous article and provide proof of that statement here:

  1. Exhibit A: Click on this link to see gifs of almost everyone imaginable doing the Fortnite Floss dance, everyone from kids to adults and from Lego characters to Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Warning: viewing the page may cause seizures (we’re kidding but… if we said we weren’t, you might actually believe us after going to that link)
  2. Exhibit B: Here’s a funny video of the Good Place cast trying to teach Ted Danson how to Floss. Remember Ted Danson from the TV show Cheers? He’s 72 years old! And even he’s doing the Floss!

We’re not even mentioning all the times you’ve probably seen your child dance the Floss.

Still skeptical? Don’t think the kids at your party will want to dance? That they’ll be too shy? Allow us to present Exhibit C as further evidence.

But first, let’s set this up for you. Epic Games are the makers of Fortnite. Considering that Fortnite made nearly 2.5 billion dollars (that’s right: billion with a “B”) for Epic Games in 2018, it’s safe to say that Epic Games want to give and know how to give Fortnite fans what they want most out of Fortnite. Epic Games knows how to scratch that Fortnite itch for all those rabid gamers.

And how did Epic Games go about scratching that itch at Gamescom 2019 (Gamescom is one of the biggest video game trade fairs in the world)? Let’s have a look at some video evidence, Exhibit C (it’s only 44 seconds long):

That’s right. To entertain all the Fortnite fans who showed up at Gamescom, Epic Games provided them booths where they could play… a Fortnite dancing game! As you can see in the video, it’s just a game where the player has to watch a large screen with a Fortnite character dancing, and the player had to mimic the Fortnite dances.

And look at all the people in line waiting to play! Look at the crowd! Also, notice that it’s mostly a crowd of adults, lining up to play a game that makes them look silly. And we’re sure your kids are more than willing to look silly.

You can find other pictures and videos online of people at Gamescom playing the dancing game but we think this video should be enough to convince you that a Fortnite party is not a Fortnite party without a Fortnite dance game.

That’s one of the reasons why in our review of Fortnite plates, napkins, and cups sets, we gave The Parents’ Choice award to this set i.e. it includes a Floss dance game. The party set takes care of planning for the dance game for you!

If you don’t play the party game that comes with that set then you have to come up with one of your own. Here’s one idea you can use.

The Memory Dance Game

To play this game:

  1. Go here to find all the Fortnite dance moves and poses (16 pages worth!).
  2. Randomly choose a bunch of dances and print them out onto sheets of paper. Choose twice as many dances as there are kids at the party. So if you have 10 kids at the party, print off 20 dances. Just make sure to include at least the following dances since these are the most popular:

    The Floss

    You'll see this Floss image on many Fortnite birthday supplies.
    A Fortnite character doing the Floss

    The Hype

    You'll see this Hype image on many Fortnite birthday party supplies.
    A Fortnite character doing the Hype dance

    The Dab

    You'll see this Dab image on many Fortnite party supplies.
    A Fortnite character doing the Dab

    The L

    You'll see this L image on many Fortnite birthday supplies.
    A Fortnite character doing the L dance
  3. Cut the dances into rectangular pieces of paper so that they can be placed in a hat.
  4. Put those pieces of paper in a hat. Then have each child draw one dance paper from the hat.
  5. Have the kids stand in a circle. Choose someone to go first. Whoever is first, player 1, steps into the middle of the circle and does the dance that he drew from the hat. He then goes back to his spot.
  6. The next child, player 2, steps into the circle and must repeat the dance move of player 1. He then must perform the dance that he drew from the hat.
  7. Player 3 then has to do the first two dances followed by his own.
  8. This is repeated until someone fails to repeat all the dance moves in order. That player is then out.
  9. Repeat until there is only one child left (or two or three, whatever feels right). That child is the winner!

Every time a child fails to properly repeat the dance moves, put all the dance papers back in the hat and have the remaining players redraw their dances. This will remix the dance order so that the kids won’t get used to a dance pattern.

And remember, make sure you’re playing some music! Some upbeat and fast music!

Party Game #2: Fortnite Nerf Battle Obstacle Course

If you haven’t heard of Fortnite Nerf battles, well… let’s just say they’re popular. Running around shooting each other with Nerf guns and darts is the closest your child will get to feeling like he’s playing Fortnite in real life. And shooting Nerf darts at random objects, even without the Fortnite name, is just plain fun for any kid!

Before we discuss how you can set up a Fortnite Nerf obstacle course, see this video to get an idea of the potential of this idea. Just watch from the 43 second mark to the 1 minute and 25 second mark.

Okay, you likely don’t have an obstacle course like that in your back yard or basement. But you don’t need one! All you need is one or more tables or stands that you can put a stack of cups on (just like in the video).

Then you can set an obstacle course in your basement or backyard with pylons (or cones). Have the kids run around the pylons from point A to point B. At point B, the child has to pick up a Fortnite Nerf gun and shoot down some cups. Then he runs around some more pylons (or chairs or milk crates, whatever you have available) to get to the next spot to shoot down the next stack of cups. And so on.

If you don’t have a large space, have them run the obstacles forward and then back so it’s twice as long.

Time all the players. The fastest player to complete the course wins the game. The timing element will give the running of the obstacle course a nice sense of urgency.

If you really don’t have any space to run around, just line up a bunch of stacked cups on a table and have kids take turns shooting down the cups from a short distance. Just like an archery competition. For example, you can set up five stacks of cups ten feet away from the players. Each player gets ten darts to knock them down. Whoever knocks down the most cups with the least amount of darts wins.

That’s the basic idea. You just have to use your imagination to make it work for your environment. But you really should do it. Kids always love this game. It’s just plain fun.

Lastly, we’d like to note that we prefer the idea of an obstacle course over an actual Nerf battle where kids shoot at each other because:

  1. No child will get hit in the eye with a dart, and
  2. An obstacle course only requires one Nerf gun. A Nerf battle would require one Nerf gun per child (plus extra Nerf darts). That can get… pricey…

Party Game #3: The Fortnite Llama Pinata

Okay, this is pretty straightforward but for context, as we mentioned in the first article in our Fortnite series, the basic object in Fortnite is to shoot your competition and eliminate them before they eliminate you. In order to do this you need weapons.

The most famous way that players can get more and better weapons in the game is by finding a llama that has weapons inside it. It is basically a pinata llama that players break open to get the weapons inside. That’s right! A pinata llama! This is a no brainer.

A couple of things to note:

  1. We know there are now pinatas that you don’t have to hit. The kids just each grab hold of a string and pull. Nice and easy. That won’t do for a Fortnite party! The pinata llama has to be a good old fashioned pinata that has to be smashed open. Just like the video game! Smashing the llama simply matches the Fortnite party theme. It just does.
  2. Please practice pinata safety. You don’t want to end up on America’s Funniest Home Videos, after all. For your enjoyment (and warning), here’s a one minute pinata montage from America’s Funniest Home Video. Enjoy!

Make it Your Own

The above are all ideas to guide you in your planning. Adapt the games as necessary for your surroundings, number of kids, etc. You can do it! So go forth and throw the best Fortnite party ever!

Happy planning!

The Parents

Questions? Comments?

As usual, we’d love to hear about your experiences. Did something happen that will get you on America’s Funniest Home Videos? Let us know. Leave us a comment. Don’t be shy!

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