Looking for Fortnite Paper Plates and Napkins? Don’t Forget the Cups

Okay, if you’ve read our previous article, you know what Fortnite birthday party supplies look like. In this post, we’ll get you started with actually getting some supplies. First up: a nice set of Fortnite paper plates and napkins. Oh, and the sets will include cups and cutlery too (more on that below).

We’ll tell you which sets are best suited to the Fortnite party theme and the reason why we think they’re right for the party experience (especially once they’re combined together with other Fortnite birthday supplies).

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All right, let’s start getting some supplies that fit a Fortnite party theme. No excuses!

Fortnite Paper Plates and Napkins – What about the Cups?

First, we’ll explain the somewhat strange title of this post.

You know what’s weird? When people ask us if tableware for a certain theme exists, they always ask about the plates and napkins but, for some reason, forget about the cups.

We find that odd because we’ve always thought the cups were equally as important as the other two in setting the theme. Maybe we’re the weird ones?

At least we can all agree that the cutlery is the least important aspect of themed tableware… or can we…?

As you’ll see below, the cups might actually be the biggest feature in the best party set we found.

Here we go!

The Parents’ Choice: Fortnite Party Supplies With Floss Dance Party Game

You can view The Parents’ Choice Fortnite party package here on Amazon.com. It’s helpful to click on the link and look at the pictures of the party set. Sorry, we don’t have the rights to post the pictures on our site.

Check it out and you’ll see that there’s even a couple of pictures which give you an idea as to how the Floss dance party game works, although we’ll talk more about that below.

Now that you’ve seen and maybe read about the party set, let’s discuss the reasons why we love this set and have designated it as The Parents’ Choice. There are actually several reasons.

1. It Comes with a Floss Dance Party Game

This is probably the biggest feature of the party set and makes it unlike any other set. No other party set comes with a party game!

It’s actually a fun little party game that makes use of the specially designed cups to sort the kids into dance groups without them knowing (more on the cups later!).

Then you just follow the party game instructions (they come with the set) to get the kids dancing. It’s actually a pretty clever idea.

We love this because it’s a dance game based on the Fortnite dances and, as we explained in our previous article, the thing about Fortnite that has spread through our culture the most are the dances.

Kids absolutely love doing the Fortnite dances. They can be seen doing them everywhere!

This game gives them a chance to show off their moves (which we know they’re more than willing to do)!

Also, as we will talk about in our next post on Fortnite birthday party ideas, this is exactly the type of game a Fortnite birthday party should have. So that’s one less game or idea that you have to come up with when planning your party.

We like anything that makes party planning easier!

If you already have enough activities for the party, it’s still nice to have this game as an option just in case you have more time than expected during your party and you need to fill it with an activity. If you find yourself with extra time to fill, just play this game!

There’s one more reason why it’s nice to have this game and in particular these cups, even if you don’t need this game as an activity at the party…

2. The Cups are Designed so That Kids Don’t Mix Them Up!

As we said above, we like how the cups are used in the party game. But the cups are actually designed for two purposes:

  • to sort the kids for the Floss dance party game, and
  • to prevent the kids from mixing up the cups / spreading germs!

Chances are, at least one of the kids at your party is going to be sick. There’s always one! In the winter… half the kids can be sick! So to have the ability to know which cups belong to whom… we love it!

No more “Who’s cup is this?” or “Is that your cup?” and then throwing the cups in the garbage because you’re not sure who they belong to. It must have been a parent who came up with this design idea…

3. The Set Comes with Extra Napkins

This set serves 16 guests and that usually means the party set will have 16 napkins. This set, however, actually includes 10 extra napkins for a total of 26 napkins.

This might seem like a trivial thing but if you’ve thrown enough birthday parties, you know that, eventually, some child is going to spill something.

That’s when you’ll appreciate being able to grab the extra napkins to quickly wipe up the spill. It’s a small bonus but it’s a nice one.

4. The Set is Made with Good Quality Materials

These Fortnite paper plates, napkins and cups are all good quality. The plates are sturdy and the napkins are thick relative to other kids party plates and napkins. The cups and the cutlery are pretty standard and do the job.

The quality of this set is actually very similar to the quality of the dog themed party sets that we really like (come back soon to check out our articles on the best dog themed party supplies, if you’re interested). In terms of kids disposable party supplies, you’re probably not going to find any much better quality than these.

5. The Graphic Design is Nice and Fits the Fortnite Party Theme

This is obviously important but we really like the graphic design, the color scheme, and the layout. This is always a matter of preference but this design is sure to please everyone (all our kids loved it).

Most importantly, the design also features the dancing silhouettes which, as we’ve pointed out many times, are Fortnite’s most iconic feature.

If you want a Fortnite party theme… you have to have these silhouettes somewhere in your party. And this is the perfect place to have them.

The Parents’ Runner Up: Fortnite Party Supplies with Controller Design

We designated this set as The Parents’ Choice Runner Up and you can view the party set here, from Amazon.com. Click on the link and have a look at the pictures to get familiar with the set. Once again, we’re sorry but we don’t have the rights to post pictures of the set on this site.

Don’t worry, the review of this set won’t be nearly as long as The Parent’s Choice set but that’s only because the Parents’ Choice set had so many features that stood out from typical party supplies.

Here are the things we like about this set (and one thing we wish was better).

1. It’s a Nice Typical Kids Birthday Party Set

This set is pretty much your standard party set. It doesn’t have anything special that makes it stand out, although it does have 4 extra napkins (compared to the 10 extra in The Parents’ Choice set). We’ll always take more napkins!

The quality of the plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery are all good. This cannot be said for all sets of Fortnite paper plates and napkins. In general, for these types of party sets, the cups and cutlery are usually pretty good but the quality of the plates and napkins vary.

These plates may be a notch below the Parent’s Choice set but they’re perfectly fine for a kids birthday party. If you’re having the standard pizza, cake, and chips, you’ll be fine.

2. The Graphic Design is Nice and is Suitable for a Fortnite Themed Birthday Party

We like the design of this set as well. It has nice vibrant colors and also features… wait for it… dancing silhouettes!

The silhouettes unfortunately, don’t stand out like they do in The Parent’s Choice set. You may not notice them immediately. That’s because the largest part of the design is a game controller and the silhouettes are almost in the background.

We actually didn’t notice the dancing silhouettes when we first looked at the set! But they’re there nonetheless and that’s what’s important. It’s a minor quibble, really.

3. Were These Napkins Made for a Fortnite Birthday Party?

The only real negative thing about the set is that the napkins don’t have the design printed on them. They are just generic blue napkins from a generic party set. That’s… a little disappointing.

They’re still a nice color and they match the rest of the set just fine but if you want to set the theme for any party using your tableware, then it would be nice if the napkins were included in the theme as well. If you were to just look at the napkins, you would never think they were part of a Fortnite party theme.

Once again, this is another relatively minor quibble but the set would be much better if the design was printed on the napkins.

The Best of the Rest?

It is interesting to note if you’re looking for a party set of Fortnite paper plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery, there aren’t as many options as you might expect.

There are many sets that are themed for video games in general, but not as much for the Fortnite video game in particular. And quite a few of the ones that are Fortnite themed had either poor quality control (i.e. the package often had missing pieces or damaged items) or were made of poor quality material (e.g. had really thin paper plates). So they weren’t worth mentioning.

There are also a lot of party sets that look the same or very similar. There is nothing special about those sets that set them apart from each other.

If we were to do a write up on all of them, the write up would pretty much say the same thing.

Lastly, there were some sets that had the word “Fortnite” on them even though they are clearly not officially licensed products. So we ignored those ones.

A couple of those sets have even been removed by Amazon already (Amazon doesn’t like copyright infringement either).

Go Forth with Confidence!

Now you should have enough knowledge and confidence to find a suitable set of Fortnite paper plates and napkins (don’t forget the cups!) for your Fortnite party theme.

We know that if you decide to choose The Parents’ Choice or The Parents’ Runner Up party set and combine them with other Fortnite birthday supplies, your child will love them.

And then you’ll be well on your way to throwing the perfect Fortnite themed birthday party!

Happy Planning!

The Parents

email: theparents@partyideasandsupplies.com

Questions? Comments?

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Let us know! Did the kids do the Fortnite dances without any prompting? Did someone spill something (and so the extra napkins came in handy)? Or were some kids sick (and so the cups came in handy)? Don’t be shy!

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