How to Recognize Fortnite Birthday Supplies (It May Not Be Obvious)

Officially licensed Fortnite birthday supplies do not exist. But don’t worry! You can still find supplies that are perfectly suitable for a Fortnite themed birthday party. In this post, we’ll show you how to recognize these supplies even though they won’t have the word “Fortnite” on them.

We’ll also explain:

  1. why those supplies are recognized by all kids and gamers as having a Fortnite party theme,
  2. why it’s okay (and maybe even better) that officially licensed supplies don’t exist, and
  3. why those supplies don’t violate copyright laws (read our About us to see why we care)

And if you’re clueless as to what Fortnite even is and want to finally crack the mystery as to what it’s all about, you’ll learn a little bit about the game along the way. Although, if you’ve already read our introductory About Us post, you know that we think being clueless is okay!

If you already know what they look like and are looking for actual Fortnite party supplies or for Fortnite party game ideas, check out the following:

If you’re still with us, let’s get started!

But You Said That There Were No Fortnite Birthday Supplies?

No. We said there weren’t any officially licensed Fortnite birthday supplies. So you won’t find supplies with the word “Fortnite” on them because that would be a case of copyright infringement.

It seems like a missed opportunity for Epic Games (the makers of Fortnite) but since Fortnite made nearly 2.5 billion dollars (that’s right: billion with a “B”) for Epic Games in 2018, they’re probably not too worried about this small slice of pie.

Don’t panic! Children everywhere have been having Fortnite themed birthday parties for years. Fortnite party supplies do exist and they exist in a way that your child will love and recognize. You just have to know how to recognize them yourself.

You can and will throw your child the perfect Fortnite birthday party!

Not Officially Licensed? Not a Problem

Just in case you’re absolutely clueless about Fortnite, let’s get this out of the way first: Fortnite is a game where the main objective is for you to shoot other players and eliminate them before they eliminate you. That’s it. And the game is really fun. Mystery solved!

Now Fortnite is almost unique from other intellectual properties in that it isn’t the characters, and in particular their likenesses, that are most associated with it.

Yes, characters do exist and are highly recognizable by any Fortnite gamer but Fortnite itself is (other than being a really fun game) probably most known for… the dances! Basically, when a player wins a game, their character does a celebratory dance.

It is that aspect of Fortnite (i.e. the dances) that has pervaded our pop culture the most, especially the Floss dance.

You’ve probably seen kids dancing the Floss everywhere.

Maybe you’ve seen your child dance the Floss at home, seemingly at random.

Or maybe you’ve see them do it whenever your kid is happy for some reason (yay, a snow day!). Maybe the Floss is their happy dance!

At any sporting event, when the camera shows the crowd, they will inevitably show a close up of some kid dancing and that child will in all likelihood be doing the Floss.

If you still don’t know what we’re talking about, we’re sure you’ll recognize the dance at this link (warning: prepare your eyes to be overwhelmed!) which shows all sorts of people doing the Floss, from kids to adults and from Lego characters to Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (Go, Bills!).

If you’re a fan of Ted Danson and/or the Good Place TV series, here’s a very funny video of the Good Place cast trying to teach Ted Danson how to Floss. It’s a good laugh and just shows how absolutely everyone is doing the Floss.

As you can see, the most iconic part of Fortnite is the goofy dances, in particular the Floss.

While official Fortnite birthday party supplies do not exist, creative companies have taken advantage of the fact that party supplies don’t need the likenesses of Fortnite characters or even the word “Fortnite” on them in order to be recognized as having a Fortnite party theme.

Copyright infringement avoided!

This may actually be a good thing since officially licensed products of any kind are always more expensive than unofficial products.

In this case, there are many quality unofficial Fortnite birthday party supplies that are more than good enough to create a Fortnite party theme without the higher cost of paying for the official name. The name’s not needed!

Okay, So How to Do I Recognize Fortnite Birthday Party Supplies?

As you saw in the link above, everybody and everything (yes, even inanimate objects like fruit) have been shown doing the Floss.

In terms of the Fortnite characters, they are most often represented by their silhouettes in a pose taken in the middle of one of the dances.

For example, for the Floss dance, this is an iconic image of an actual Fortnite character doing the Floss:

You'll see this Floss image on many Fortnite birthday supplies.
A Fortnite character doing the Floss

But here’s the thing: It’s just a silhouette. Everyone knows the above image is of the default Fortnite character, however, the image could technically be of anyone doing the Floss.

For all we know, it’s not an actual Fortnite character. In fact, we don’t even know exactly which Fortnite character it is since many of the characters have similar silhouettes.

So Fortnite party supplies will most often have these silhouettes on them and everyone (i.e. all kids) knows what they represent. That’s the first thing to look for.

Party supply companies generally don’t worry about copyright issues because they can always claim, if legally challenged to do so, that the silhouette is of someone’s uncle or their fourth grade teacher who happens to have a silhouette that closely resembles the Fortnite character.

They can claim it’s a silhouette of a person dressed up as a Fortnite character at a Halloween party!

Companies that sell Fortnite birthday party supplies will sometimes modify the dancing silhouettes slightly in a way that is barely noticeable, if at all, just to ensure they avoid any copyright issues.

But everyone, especially Fortnite gamers and, most importantly, your precious little one who asked for a Fortnite birthday party, will recognize them for what they are: Fortnite birthday supplies.

For your reference, here are a few more examples of the the most common types of silhouettes that you might see on Fortnite birthday supplies and the names of the dances or poses they represent:

The Hype

You'll see this Hype image on many Fortnite birthday party supplies.
A Fortnite character doing the Hype dance

The Dab

You'll see this Dab image on many Fortnite party supplies.
A Fortnite character doing the Dab

The L

You'll see this L image on many Fortnite birthday supplies.
A Fortnite character doing the L dance

What About This Llama I See Everywhere?

Oh, yeah. The llama.

We have just told you that in terms of recognizing Fortnite characters, it is less about seeing the characters faces and more about seeing their silhouettes doing the dances.

There is, however, something in Fortnite that is rather iconic that cannot be easily represented with a simple silhouette: the llama.

The Fortnite Llama is found on many Fortnite birthday party supplies.
The Fortnite Llama

As we explained earlier, in Fortnite, the basic object of the game is to shoot your competition and eliminate them before they eliminate you. In order to do this you need weapons.

The most famous way that players can get more and better weapons in the game is by finding a llama that has weapons inside it. It is basically a pinata llama that players break open to get the weapons inside. Don’t worry, it’s not a “living” llama! It’s just a pinata. No real llamas were hurt in the making of this video game…

This llama is entirely unique to Fortnite. It is easily recognizable and associated with Fortnite so it is also found on some Fortnite birthday supplies.

Oh, No! My Fortnite Party Supplies Have a Different Llama!

Probably not. Here’s why we’re sure of that.

The reason that the llama can be featured on Fortnite birthday party supplies without copyright infringement is that, like the silhouettes, they are slightly modified to avoid being exactly like the official image. And this is okay. Your child won’t think they’re cheap imitation supplies.

This wouldn’t work for iconic and highly recognizable characters like Mickey Mouse, John Cena, or Bart Simpson.

Altering images of those characters so that they look slightly different would make them completely different characters or, at the very least, make them look like cheap knock offs.

We know what Mickey Mouse looks like. End of story. If you want a Mickey Mouse themed party, you simply cannot have a party full of images of a mouse who looks almost like Mickey, but not quite.

Everyone would look at the decorations and say, “Who’s this? Mighty Mouse?” And that would completely ruin the theme of the party.

The Fortnite llama does not have the same level of specific imagery in our pop culture and it doesn’t seem necessary. If something looks close enough like the Fortnite llama, it’s the Fortnite llama and kids know it.

A Google search will demonstrate the numerous ways the llama has been depicted while still being recognizable.

This might be because there’s only one really famous llama in our pop culture.

Or maybe it’s the art style and bright colors of the video game that uniquely identify the llama and make it recognizable despite the variety of depictions.

Regardless, if you see that llama on birthday supplies, your child will recognize them as Fortnite birthday supplies and be very happy to have them at the party.

Go Throw That Party!

Okay, now you know a little more about what Fortnite is and what to look for when it comes to Fortnite birthday supplies i.e. you won’t find the word “Fortnite” on any party supplies and that’s okay and even to be expected. But if you see:

  1. the dancing silhouettes,
  2. words like “Floss”, “Hype”, “Dab”, and “Take the L”, and
  3. the colorful llama

Then you know that you’re looking in the right area and kids will recognize those supplies as Fortnite birthday supplies.

We did not discuss where to get them or which ones to get (we’ll write about that soon) but you now know everything you need to know in order to pick the perfect Fortnite birthday party supplies and that will allow you to create an immersive Fortnite party theme experience.

Now, go throw your child the ultimate Fortnite birthday party! You’re precious little one deserves it!

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