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Hello, everyone! Welcome to Party Ideas and Supplies!

We’re just a bunch of parents who have thrown numerous kids parties (and some adult ones). And we continue to do so!

We’re here to share our experiences with you and make your party planning easier.

Parties Are Fun… If You’re Not the One Planning Them!

We’ve always tried to give our children parties (especially birthday parties) that are fun and full of laughter for them and their friends.

But there’s always the challenge of throwing them a party based on the theme they are currently interested in (or obsessed with!).

They can be into dinosaurs, ponies, Fortnite, WWE, or princesses. It can be anything and everything. And it changes every year.

Children don’t want just a generic party. Dixie cups and Chinet plates just don’t cut it!

Creating a party immersed in a given theme can often be stressful.

What games do you play and where do you find party supplies that match the theme?

A lot of times we don’t even completely understand the thing our kids are into (we’re looking at you, Fortnite)!

And that’s okay! Our parents didn’t (and still don’t) know what the big deal is with Super Mario or Transformers. They just knew they were harmless fun and let us indulge in them. Just like we do with our kids and their interests.

We’re here to help you with all aspects of party planning.

We Care About Copyright Infringement. And We Think You Should Too

In the case of looking for birthday party supplies, you might to choose to ignore copyright infringement. But we don’t.

We will not recommend or generally not even discuss any party supplies on this site that break copyrights laws or are intentionally misleading to consumers.

Our reason is this: if a company is blatantly willing to break copyright laws to promote their products, who knows what other tricks they will use to gain an edge in the market or shortcuts they will take to cut costs, for example, by neglecting certain health and safety requirements related to their products. This is what concerns us.

Usually, a themed party will include birthday party plates and napkins as well as cups and cutlery. All these things come into contact with food and your mouth. Balloons that you blow up come into contact with your mouth too.

Therefore, those items have strict FDA requirements to meet so they are safe for you… and your kids.

Now, why would we trust a company that doesn’t play by a certain set of rules in one area (copyright laws) to play fairly by another set of rules in another area (FDA / health and safety requirements)?

Are we being overly strict about all this? Maybe. But why take a chance? It’s not like there’s a shortage of other companies selling similar products! We have choices! We’re talking about the health of our kids, after all. And yours too! We care about you too!

So, on our site, we will avoid  products that violate copyright law. And we think you should avoid them too.

Our Philosophy on Recommending Products

It is our philosophy that if we recommend any products, we will generally only recommend two or three (four at the most) products in any given category. After all, our purpose is to make your planning easier by doing all the work for you.

We don’t think it’s necessarily helpful to write about ten products and have you try to evaluate them. It defeats the very purpose of our site. It’s our mission to narrow it down for you, after all!

In all categories, we will give the following awards:

  1. The Parents’ Choice award to the product we recommend most,
  2. The Parents’ Runner Up award to the product we also like, but not as much, and
  3. The Parents’ Consideration, for the rest of the products, if there are any (remember, we’ll only usually only recommend a maximum of four products in total)

For products that we’ve found that we don’t recommend, we won’t even bother writing about them. We’ve done it before and don’t like dealing with companies that don’t like our reviews when we don’t recommend their product.

But rest assured, if we review a car and recommend the GM and the Ford, chances are we didn’t like the Chrysler and are just choosing not to write about it.

We’ve Stressed Out So You Don’t Have To

We’ve organized parties over the years and across many age groups. Here, we share our years of experience and give you party game ideas and tips for all kinds of theme parties.

We’ll also let you know where to find the best party supplies that match your theme.

And not just for kids parties. There’s no reason Super Bowl parties have to have plain white paper plates either!

We hope we can help make organizing that special party of yours a little bit easier.

All the best,

The Parents at PartyIdeasAndSupplies.com

Email us at theparents@partyideasandsupplies.com

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